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Judy Poldi’s art brings one word to mind: energy – a sense of action. In this body of work the artist reveals her understanding of balance, flow and composition. This richly layered work suggests a natural environment that is raw, powerful and speaks clearly in a nonobjective idiom, combined with passion and desire for the creative adventure.

"I go to the place inside that looks for truth in beauty and speaks a universal language. My process involves integrating techniques and ideas to form something new, to create worlds that evolve from my imagination."

Poldi is at her boldest when she seduces the viewer with spontaneous sketchy marks that fills the picture planes. There is a playful suggestion that these marks serve to thread together the relationships between color and shape, over and under, before and after. She creates these illusions not only by working and reworking surfaces, but also through her command of pictorial space.

Poldi’s paintings can be found in numerous private collections nationwide.

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