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RED WOLF has been an artist from the time of his earliest childhood memories. Growing up, he always expected the continuation of his artistic endeavor. In college, he was introduced to the field of humanistic and transpersonal psychology, and he found these studies to be so fascinating and consuming that for a decade he took an unexpected turn and abandoned his artistic pursuits. However, in 1982, he began again to paint in earnest, becoming interested in the glazing techniques of the Old Flemish Masters. From there he began developing a way to manipulate the refractivity of light entering and exiting his paintings, utilizing the full artist materials palate along with industrial materials, plastics, polymers, sealers, and various optical enhancers.

He is creating a painting technique utilizing thin film application in the pursuit of creating structural color. In nature structural color is seen in numerous organic structures from opal to hummingbird feathers. This phenomenon of structural color has fascinated humans for thousands of years, and with the advent of the electron microscope science has only recently begun to unravel the mechanism of these phenomena. His artwork represents a unique exploration into this development of control and creation of color through the manipulation of light.


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