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Enter a luminous space. W Gallery invites you to experience art in an enveloping atmosphere. Radiant hues, intense warmth, suffused harmony. The art displayed at W Gallery emphasizes the powerful simplicity of color and form. Whether through painting, photography, sculpture or glass, each artist at W accentuates natural beauty, minimizing augmentation and enabling the hues, tones and lines to radiate. 

W Gallery is the culmination of three sisters emerging from turning points in their art. Lora and Lisa Watts, with their sister-in-law Geanina Watts, founded W Gallery and Studios in February 2005. Each woman was an accomplished artist, though their works were not available publicly. Together, the three women saw the harmony in their artistic expressions and recognized the opportunity to embark upon a new path. With the support of family and each other, the sisters took the risk to embrace their talents, while providing a space to highlight other talented artists.

W Gallery has grown into a gallery representing artists who are inspired by simple beauty, who translate color and form into expressive compositions.




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